An Album Made With Cannabis Plants

An Album Made With Cannabis Plants

Over a decade of making plant music, our fans have often asked, “what would marijuana music sound like?” Now, finally, we have an answer.


Earlier this spring, Joe Patitucci was invited by leading cannabis brand, Old Pal Provisions, to visit one of their partner grow facilities, Ladybug Farms, in Royal Oaks, CA to tune into cannabis plants and make music.

It was there that Old Pal’s HiFi Lemon plants were fitted with a PlantWave, which translates plant biodata into music, a process called “sonification.” Joe designed instruments and sounds for the cannabis plant to play and used PlantWave as a MIDI controller, allowing the plant to select every single note. Joe, then, altered the textures of those instruments on-the-fly, creating the first ever album in collaboration between a cannabis plant and a human. The elaborate score resulting from this visit was used to compile the album, 420hz: Plant Music from Cannabis Plants.


420hz: Plant Music from Cannabis Plants

Considering the fact all instruments on 420hz were played by plants, the lyrical nature of the melodies resulting are surprisingly catchy. This is demonstrated most clearly on tracks 1-4, shorter edits that highlight some of the best bits of music recorded at the farm. Track 5, HiFi Lemon, is a document of the full recording session, named after the strain of the plant collaborator on the recording.

420hz: Plant Music from Cannabis Plants is offered in the hopes of inspiring new visions of what future collaborations between humans and nature might yield.

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