Listen To Mushroom Music

Listen To Mushroom Music

While we normally use PlantWave to listen to plants, in this video we visit Kealia Forest Reserve to listen to mushrooms. The mushrooms on this tree are connected to a PlantWave, which is translates data from biological systems into notes. The notes are streamed to a phone with the PlantWave app, containing instruments.

Varying Patterns Among Different Mushrooms

You will notice different patterns in each mushroom as we switch between them. Notice that, unlike previous videos with plants, the mushrooms seem to create more of a steady drone, indicating much less activity or shifts in conductivity.

Notes on the instruments used in this recording

PlantWave’s app contains collections of instruments we’ve designed for plants to play. We call these instruments Soundsets.

The instruments being played by the mushroom in this video are part of a Soundset called Celestial Being. This is a versatile and expressive set of instruments including electrical piano, bass, chimes and flute. Musical output can range from more of a drone if a plant is less active to more of a sparkly flourish when more active.

Tips for Listening

When listening with PlantWave, we suggest paying close attention. Ask yourself:

  • What is the tempo or pacing of the notes? Is it playing quickly or more of a drone?

  • Is there silence between the notes or is it a constant stream of music?

  • What’s the range of notes like? Is it playing lower notes or higher notes?

  • How different is what you’re hearing now from what you heard a minute ago or an hour ago? What’s changed?

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