How Plant Music Can Help Deepen Your Meditation Practice

How Plant Music Can Help Deepen Your Meditation Practice

Meditation with PlantWave

How Plant Music Can Help Deepen Your Meditation Practice

Music meditation can provide deeper states of awareness through combined stress management and mood-enhancement.

According to research done at Stanford University, ideal music for meditation has no lyrics, is 60-80 beats per minute, and is unfamiliar to your brain. This helps stimulate new neurological connections.

Plant music with PlantWave checks all of these boxes.

PlantWave Has the Sounds Perfect for Your Practice

One of the many benefits of PlantWave are the different Soundsets. These are sets of instruments we’ve designed for plants to play. Each Soundset is tuned to a different key and tempo optimized for different activities. Many are designed for relaxation and meditation.

In fact, customers who meditate with PlantWave report feeling more relaxed, connected, and inspired.

Why Plant Music for Meditation?

It’s Magical

Music made by plants is different from anything you’ve ever listened to. PlantWave customers report it feeling as if they’re walking through a forest.

Connects You With Nature & Self

We share this world with other living beings. Plant music reminds us about this fact and helps us feel our connection to all life.

Live Music that Never Repeats

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Most of us love live music because it’s so different from the prerecorded kind. Live music gives us a sense of synchronicity and shared feelings of love, joy, and excitement. Researchers say that during live performances when we move, sing or clap our hands together, our neurons also fire together, increasing generosity, trust and tolerance toward others.

With PlantWave, we can extend that feeling into the world of nature – helping us feel more connected not just to our fellow human beings, but to the entire world around us.

Get yours today and tune into nature’s never-ending live concert whenever and wherever you like – at home, in the garden or on the trail.


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