An Alternative To Pre-Recorded Music

An Alternative To Pre-Recorded Music

Live Music From Plants Wherever You May Be

According to a recent survey of our customers, PlantWave is changing people’s listening habits. In fact, 80% of our users report listening to plants replacing pre-recorded music.

Plant music with PlantWave is a great alternative to pre-recorded music. Because PlantWave works by translating signals from plants into sound in real-time, PlantWave music is continuously evolving and never repeating. It’s an expression of the moment, here and now.

PlantWave music is literally a live music performance created in partnership between a plant and technology. We all know how much more exciting a live performance can be compared to a recording. At a live concert, there’s an exchange in energy between the musician and the audience. They feed off each other resulting in an elevated shared experience.

Similarly, when listening with PlantWave, we’re being treated to live music where we’re sharing space with the performer. We can touch the plant and explore how the music shifts. We can also simply appreciate sharing space with the plant and explore how the shifts in the music relate to shifts in our own thoughts, feelings and actions. After all, it’s possible the plants may be responding to us and the energy we’re giving off as we listen.

Why We Prefer Plant Music with PlantWave

In these times, it’s more important than ever to amplify the power of nature and raise our consciousness in how and what we’re consuming. With PlantWave, we’re turning our awareness towards our relationship to our environment. We’re re-establishing its importance in our lives.

We like to ask ourselves, what does a world look like where Earth is no longer seen by humans solely as a thing from which we can extract value? What happens when we see Earth as a being with whom we are partnering for our own well-being?

With PlantWave, we are uniting humans to bring about this world. With every moment spent listening to plants, we increase the speed at which we can bring this dream to life.

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