PlantWave Standard Features

PlantWave Standard Features

Selecting Soundsets

Soundsets are collections of instruments we've designed for plants to play.

PlantWave works by measuring slight variations in conductivity of a plant, graphing those variations as a wave and translating the wave into pitch. These pitch messages represent real-time biological changes happening in your plant.

By routing these messages to different soundsets, we can experience the activities of plants as music. This can help expand our awareness of plants as active participants in our lives. It can also help to provide lovely ambient music to fill our homes and offices.

Each soundset has its own unique characteristic of how it represents data from your plant. Each soundset has a different use case. Some are more relaxing. Some are more energizing. Some allow for a more "raw" expressive sound while others allow for a more consistent atmosphere of evolving ambient music.

Watch the video above to explore soundsets and find the instruments that are right for you (and your plants)


Recording Audio in the PlantWave App

PlantWave's app allows you to listen to plants play music in real time. It also allows you to record that music to enjoy later and / or share with your friends.

Check out this quick video above on how to record audio and check the manual for a deeper dive into all capabilities of this amazing technology.


Broadcasting and Listening to Broadcasts of PlantWave

We are connecting humans to plants around the world through Broadcasts in the iOS version of the PlantWave app (coming soon to Android). That's right, even if you don't have a PlantWave, you can still tune into plants.

With Broadcast mode, people with PlantWaves can share their plant's song in real-time with other plant music enthusiasts. Don't have a PlantWave? Simply get the PlantWave app for iOS, tap on the "connect" section at the top of the screen, and you'll see a list of broadcasts named by location.


Using PlantWave with a MIDI Synthesizer

PlantWave lets you listen to music played by your plants with our easy-to-use iOS and Android apps. PlantWave also empowers musicians to co-create with plants and find new melodies in harmony with nature.

PlantWave has a 3.5mm Type-A MIDI output that can be connected directly to any Type-A MIDI synth or to 5-pin MIDI cables via an adapter.

If you're a musician or producer familiar with our previous device, MIDI Sprout, you'll be pleased to know PlantWave incorporates all of the same MIDI functionality plus more! Editable firmware settings including scale, key MIDI channel and CC routing mean you can connect PlantWave directly to a synthesizer without having to run it through a DAW to get the scaling you desire.

Check out the video above for yourself and see how easy it is to get started making music with PlantWave.

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