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The Perfect Meditative Sounds

PlantWave's plant music is mesmerizing, always changing, and continuously flowing based on the electrical variations in your plant.

It’s the perfect device to help you deepen your meditation practice and explore inner mindfulness.

Inspire Your
Best Work

PlantWave owners have reported that plant music provides a creative and productive boost.

Your plant’s ethereal sounds can be set to various tempos, helping you to focus, discover new ideas, and get into a state of flow where work seems effortless.

Discover the
Hidden World

Feel like you’re walking in the forest – dive into the world of magical sounds, no matter where you are.

With PlantWave, you can access a realm of natural beauty and feel more connected to all living things, even if you're living in an urban jungle with just a single houseplant.

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How PlantWave Was Born

As musicians, nature was always an inspiration for us. Eventually, we decided to go a step further and connect plants directly to the instruments using technology.

We want PlantWave to help nurture the relationship between humans and nature and allow us to better notice the ways in which we are all connected.

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What Is Plant

If there was a live concert happening all around you 24/7, would you tune in? That’s what it’s like to experience plant music.

Unlike pre-recorded music, a plant’s song is always changing based on its unique natural rhythms.

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Great For Many Life Scenarios

"It’s great for putting me in the moment and also conditioning my brain to get into a good zone for working and sleeping."

 Sarah, Plant Listener

Addicted to PlantWave

“I’ve fallen in love with this device and it’s a part of my daily life ever since I got my hands on it.”

Michelle, Plant Listener

Easy To Travel With

“I love how small it is. It’s incredibly easy to travel with and I’m just starting to dive into the world of plant music creation.”

Dev, Plant Listener

Total Surprise

“It was a surprise to hear how active our orchid is and how the music changes through a day’s cycle.”

Bleury, Plant Listener

This Is Amazing

“I love listening to the plant by my bed. It’s a great sound for meditation and deep listening and relaxation.”

Mayo, Plant Listener

Tune In & Tune Out

“PlantWave allows you to create beautiful soundscapes with your very own plants. Meditative soundscapes with the ability to change the key and scales of notes being played.”

Rachel, Plant Listener

10,000+ Are Already Tuning In

Hear about their experiences

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“My Best Companion.”
Alina, Plant Listener
“Wonderful Sound.”
Rob, Plant Listener
“Feast for Ears & Heart.”
Mary, Plant Listener
“Seriously Relaxing.”
Isabella, Plant Listener
Liam, Plant Listener

Nature’s Song at Your Fingertips

The free PlantWave App gives you access to multiple soundsets designed by our team. Each one provides a different tone and mood for your plant.

Choose a soundset that feels the most right for the moment or the type of plant, and completely change your listening experience with just a single tap.

Upgrade Your
App Experience

When you upgrade to PlantWave Plus, you unlock more soundsets, with new ones added every month.

You can also access tuning features that allow you to change frequencies, key, and pentatonic scales. For a deeper dive into designing your own soundsets, you can access more advanced functionality with PlantWave Pro.

(iOS only. Android in development.)

Get PlantWave Today

Listen to the music of a hundred-year-old tree, an exotic flower, a mushroom, or even a simple houseplant, and bask in the tranquility and increased sense of presence that comes with it.

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1-Year Warranty

Every PlantWave device comes with a 1-Year warranty.