Our mission is to amplify the connection between humans and the natural world. Through the creation of pioneering generative music and art over the last decade, we've developed technology that allows anyone to tune into nature with plant music.

For a Better, More Connected Now

When experiencing PlantWave, we are amplifying our relationship with the Earth. Instead of seeing it as a resource to be exploited, we can see it as a companion in a quest for a thriving future. We believe that listening to plant music can help unite all humans in bringing about this vision.

Led by love for the environment

From advocating for years for environmental causes, to starting a zero-waste record label, to allowing people to connect with nature through plant music, our founder’s devotion to the Earth has been evident throughout his life. It’s also reflected in everything we do at PlantWave, including the use of renewable materials, support of sustainability initiatives, and organization of outdoor events.

“I started making plant music in 2012 as a personal exploration of where creativity comes from. Could the energy that inspires a plant to grow in a particular way be the same energy that inspires humans to create art? I quickly found that the music created by putting sensors on plants was the music I had wanted to create my whole life. It’s my pleasure to share this endless stream of harmonious music with you through PlantWave.”

Joe Patitucci PlantWave Founder
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