How Can You Use PlantWave in Your Life

Plant music can amplify many of your daily routines and practices. Here are just some that our customers reported profound results with.

Yoga & Meditation

The soothing sounds of plant music can provide a tranquil backdrop to your yoga or meditation practice. The ethereal tones can help quiet the mind and open the heart, allowing you to find stillness, access inner wisdom, and enter deeper meditative states.

Creative Pursuits

Plant music is a perfect choice when you want to write, paint, or do any type of work. It is always novel and continuously evolving, so it won’t distract you. Some of the soundsets fluctuate in tempos of 60-80 BPM, which is shown to be optimal for focusing.

Music Production

PlantWave is a wonderful source of inspiration and a useful tool for musicians. Plug it into your synthesizer, and you can work with the energy of the plant kingdom, bringing fresh sounds to your music that are bound to captivate your listeners.


Any hiking trip or even a walk in the park is beautiful, but it's even more magical when you can listen to the music of the plants you encounter. With PlantWave, you can tune into the songs of every tree, flower, or mushroom that pops up on your way.


When you plant a seed in your garden a unique relationship starts between you and your plant. You can now deepen this connection even further as you listen to the captivating music your plant makes at every stage of its life.

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