Listening To Plants As A Wellness Practice

Listening To Plants As A Wellness Practice

PlantWave lets humans tune into the activities of plants through plant music. Plant music is created by measuring subtle changes in a plant’s biorhythm (their version of a heartbeat based on moving water through their system). Those changes are graphed and translated into notes that play instruments designed for a harmonious listening experience.

Snake Plant broadcasted live from Los Angeles using PlantWave.

Meditating with plant music at In Goop Health Los Angeles in 2019.

But listening to plant music isn’t just a novel way to connect with plants. For many, it has become a part of their daily wellness routine.

The practice of listening to plants can take a person out of the busyness of their day. It can be a self care ritual where the focus moves away from "to-dos" and towards harmony with nature. By slowing down to tune into subtle changes in plant music, we access a state of heightened presence in the moment. Feelings of increased presence are associated with stress reduction, increased creativity, clarity and openness.

A group meditates with plants in Tulum

These benefits have been noted by guests of events we’ve led around the world. PlantWave users report feeling more relaxed, connected and inspired after listening to plants.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. You can listen to our plants in the audio stream above and tune into how you feel after listening. Then, if you’d like, you can get your very own PlantWave to listen to your own plants at home.

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