PlantWave at SXSW March 16, 2024

PlantWave at SXSW March 16, 2024

Join us at the Plant Music Showcase on March 16 at Central Presbyterian Church for an ambient music concert with live collaborations between artists and plants. Featuring PlantWave founder Joe Patitucci, along with Eduardo Castillo, and Andrea Cortez, this concert promises an immersive journey into the musical harmony of plants and humans.

Saturday, March 16th @ 8pm – 11pm
Central Presbyterian Church
200 E 8th St, Austin, TX

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Eduardo Castillo

Eduardo Castillo at SXSW 2024

Eduardo Castillo seeks out spaces in which self-expression, rediscovery and human connection can prosper, adapting itself to each environment. Each concert is uniquely its own; it is never the same experience twice. These concerts span the corners of our planet, in constant search for the next location to call home.

Using delicate, powerful and emotional soundscapes, Eduardo’s Live shows move us across a spectrum, guiding us from start to finish. It starts slow, a lingering note chosen as carefully as our words. Steadfast, like a meditation or trance, we sit in this space, deconstructing the inner workings of his musical storytelling. As the frequencies rise, we connect to a language at once new, yet hauntingly familiar. We place our trust on the pulse of the unknown, a seductive dance, a tantalizing improvisation. As it builds, limits dissolve and boundaries disappear. Together, we share a message. To change the world through sound and frequency. Where you exist on this spectrum.

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Joe Patitucci

Joe Patitucci collaborates with plants at SXSW

Joe Patitucci is a multi-media artist and pioneer in the field of plant music and bio-sonification, uniquely blending his background in music, design, and environmental advocacy. His innovative work creates immersive sonic environments that bridge natural and digital worlds, resonating with audiences’ intuitive connection to Earth.

As the co-creator of PlantWave, Joe uses specialized sensors to translate the bio-rhythms and electrical frequencies of plants into ambient music. This groundbreaking approach revolutionizes how we perceive and interact with plant life, opening new avenues in sound art, wellness, and environmental consciousness.Joe’s installations and performances, ranging from intimate galleries to large-scale festivals, have captivated audiences worldwide. His commitment to art as a medium fosters a deeper understanding of the bond between humans and nature.

In 2021, Joe’s company, Data Garden, released PlantWave. PlantWave enables anyone to experience plant music in their homes, gardens, or on the trail, democratizing this unique interaction and integrating Joe’s vision into everyday life.

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Andrea Cortez

Andrea Cortez plays harp with plants

Andrea Cortez, MM, MT-BC, is a board certified music therapist and holds a masters degree in Music Therapy with an emphasis in neurologic rehabilitation through music. She is a harpist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, entrepreneur, and sound meditation teacher dedicated to creating restorative listening spaces that enhance health and wellbeing. Andrea’s diverse work is at the intersection of performance art, sound therapy, and sound meditation. Deeply inspired by nature, Andrea explores the relationship between music and the natural world. Her mission offers restorative methods to connect to nature through deep listening. Merging knowledge of Hindustani classical raag systems, indigenous Meso-American tradition, and contemporary Western classical training, her performances combine processed harp, ambient effects, and midi-plant generated sounds. Beyond raising awareness within our natural environments, Andrea seeks to cultivate our own inner wellness. Andrea is the founder of Mind Body Music Center, a sound therapy studio based in Austin, TX.

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