Protecting Old Growth Forest With Stormy Hamar

Protecting Old Growth Forest With Stormy Hamar

Protect Wild Habitats with PlantWave

$10 from every PlantWave purchase will go towards protecting wild habitat from now until Tuesday, November 29.

We are beginning to learn how to listen to the world again. We are beginning to learn how to see. There are those who have held a strong relationship with trees, grasses and flowers since time immemorial - a relationship modern science is only beginning to acknowledge.

Now, at a time when 1 in 5 plants are on the verge of extinction, there are some who invite us back to a way we once knew. A way of being that beckons us into deeper intimacy with the living world.

At PlantWave, we celebrate these heroes. We share their understanding that we humans are not ON Earth. We are a part of Earth. And if we want to ensure the health and thrival of our friends and loved ones, we need to support that which is at our core.

This holiday season, every PlantWave purchase will support people working to protect and preserve wild habitats.

One such initiative is the Haida Canoe Revitalization Group, which is stewarding the indigenous art of canoe making in Alaska - a craft that requires the preservation of old-growth forests.

This past summer, we got to hang out with Stormy Hamar, founder and canoe carver to learn about his relationship with trees. Let’s float along with him and tune into these majestic beings.

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