7 Ways Plant Music Changed My Life

I wasn’t sure it was real, but it sounded so amazing I had to try it! Now, after two weeks of using PlantWave, the device that turns plants’ biorhythms into music, I’ve got to say I’m in LOVE. Here’s why.

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1. It’s been a blessing for my meditation

If you’ve been meditating for years like me, you know there are so many ways to do it – from Zen to Vipassana to sound bath meditation. But meditating with plant music is just something else. The ethereal sounds help me access deeper states, and any inner noise is usually gone in seconds.

2. It helps me get in the flow

Ever since I tried it, plant music has become my go-to whenever I want to focus and get some work done. It helps me get in the zone and makes me more creative. It’s almost as if my plants have become my muses… or coworkers. I can now work for hours, and it feels so good!

3. It makes every trip even more magical

Every outdoor trip or even a simple walk in the park feels amazing. But trust me, with plant music it’s a whole different experience. And since PlantWave has a 24-hour battery, you can listen to the trees, flowers, and mushrooms your meet on your way all day long.

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4. It brings me closer to nature (even when there’s little of it around)

When you live in the city, finding the time to go out in the wild can be tough. Thankfully, with PlantWave I can now just connect two electrodes to my houseplant (the peace lily that I named Lily), close my eyes and feel as if I’m walking through a lush green forest. It’s the best.

5. It helps me relax and let go

Studies show that most of us are stressed for 6 hours every day. I’ve tried many ways to relax, and plant music is one of my favorites. Its constant stream of soothing, calming sounds can really help you let go of any worries and look far beyond everyday problems.

6. It helps me notice the beauty that’s all around

Life can be a blur when we’re in a rush, but it’s important to take a moment to appreciate the splendor of this world. Plant music reminds me that we are part of something larger, coexisting with fellow humans, other animals, and plants. It helps me to pause and observe the beauty that's all around us.

7. It makes me appreciate the present moment

If you find yourself overthinking the past or worrying about the future, try listening to plants! Their soothing sounds help me get back to the present moment and feel inner calm, peace, and clarity. It’s become my daily reminder of how small our human worries are in the grand scheme of the universe.

Try Plant Music for Yourself

Listening to plants with PlantWave has been a blessing for me. But you don’t have to take my word for it.

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